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Antique door furniture, sustainability and much more.

When you leafed through magazines on interior design in a waiting room, a striking often, cause modern, chic and often cheap in foreground. There are a few pages about country house style or Dave624 chic, which although often convey a mood of other times and styles and still gets to feel not the actual spirit of the times. One wonders how it was at that time really and why some furniture or many accessories from the 20s are for example so incredibly expensive maybe? Will you keep at all, if spends so much money on that and if they keep, how long you would do it?

The 20's and the 30 are currently in Berlin full and quite in demand. On the search for the authentic spirit of the times, DJs and musicians play contemporary tunes and also fashion makes with it! Some changes can be seen in interior design.

Berlin lamp made of brass with a typically graceful design

antique door furniture Berlin lamps knockers brass

House number made of iron for a präsentatives House

antique door furniture Berlin lamps klopfer2

Always, there were people who develop a special affinity to other ages and feel your own life style, which corresponds to a specific era. Such people are spending much time on the Internet in search of right accessories or furniture, which not always good work. There is also who want to follow no trends, but put only on good quality and simply take advantage of something.

antique door furniture Berlin lamps knockers

For those who are looking for challenging and beautiful, here, we have found a shortcut to special home accessories at Fresh Design Pedia. Take a look at the page with the address www. country and admire antique door furniture, mailbox slots made of iron or brass, hooks and various handles which reflect the character of the 20s and 30s. Immerse yourself in the charm of this time and let themselves be intoxicated by all of this magnificent beauty.

Sure you have even suspected that the address after you have searched so long, is right on your doorstep, and that since 1983!

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