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Lena Meyer-Landrut - the path to what she wants to be

The career of Lena Meyer-Landrut has started like many others in the German music market. She has won a well-known show with three songs, which were carefully selected by experts. Also, you have helped the same to prepare the overall appearance.

After this first success, it came but to take a break. This is the case with many artists, which start to her career. Because you have no inspiration, if it represents a product, which is no place for their desires.

This tracks the audience and turns away from the artist.

This stage of your career is fatal for most artists. When Lena Meyer-Landrut but not. She was ready to fight, brave and smart enough to find the reason for the own problems.

Then Lena Meyer-Landrut has been in search of for your own style in the career. This led her to the new album, enjoyed no less publicity than this before.

Well, if she has found her own style, it would be great, to summarize, which this is. According to the own words of the singer in this interview for the mirror , this is definitely pop. Furthermore, it has many favourite artists, of which she has learned a lot and that you serve as role models.

Mainstream pop is a popular term for Lena Meyer-Landrut. Because he is very wide, although no niche is, accumulated but all the innovations that occur in this area. If one opts for Lena Meyer-Landrut, one often has the opportunity to show exactly how to understand music and feels. Just because there are no strict rules and trends, but only the request that it sounds new. That gives you this freedom.

n a sense seems a perception which shows Lena Meyer-Landrut for music to pin age somewhere in the teens. Because just in this period you considers it appropriate and normal to bring their ideas to the expression.

Does Lena Meyer-Landrut. According to her own words from the just cited interview, she needs this ability is especially true when it comes to writing lyrics.

Certainly stehtLena Meyer-Landrut of how many other pop in Germany well known artist for a phenomenon in this area. One prejudice and is ashamed of things which actually everybody! Economic and certain kinds of pop music are very popular. But it is reluctant to do so, because they are not intellectually and raised enough. So, one damaged self-image, you would so love to bring the newly listed properties in connections.

With such prejudice, Lena Meyer-Landrut must cope every day also. But the statistics show just beyond reasonable doubt, that their music is popular. This is no good, or what?

The "Crystal Sky" album is the emanation of everything what was just mentioned. You have a clear sky and before seeing this one feels strong and at the same time happy. One has the courage to be yourself. They say the words, which are real and not this, the others want to hear. Is remembered also as in a dream, how it came about. Listen to the title such as "Invisible" and "Beat ToMyMelody" like the description of important life moments?

Shooting tips for Moon and Star

Would you like to learn how you shoot the black sky, so that he does not look like a completely black area? We then go to the thing and let's talk about it, what you need to do specifically.

How do we calculate the values of the camera so we can take pictures of the star

What you need for Star and moon photography

You need a camera that shows a regime controlled by hand for exposure. Most devices SRL cameras with the bulb function make the. You need also a remote control with a cable for the opening of the shutter. So, the camera would shake much less than otherwise while you use it.

You need a wide angle lens. Then, adjust the apparatus at a high ISO number.

Now, it is important to avoid the inclusion of the star road. This is the movement of stars in the sky, which is usually depicted.

To do this, there are the so-called rule of "600". Divide the number 600 by the focal length of the lens. The result is the time in which you the firing must leave open so that the star road is not included.

Very well set the camera on the tripod. Make at least 5 consecutive shots of the Chaturbate rooms stars. While holding rule 600. Before you're done with this series of images, you should not be able to move around to other offices and positions.

You might think that this picture has been painted

star photography without VerwackelungWolken photography tripod

One more advice: every time you are finished with a series of shots, you must put your hand on the lens and shoot. So, you know that the black image referred to the end of the series.

Sometimes photographers wait days or nights long to hold a single image

If you can see not all the colors on your images, then you should not despair but. This is quite normal. Now you can edit them with Photoshop or other software.

The first step is mapping from the illustrations. All pictures of a series would have to be put together. Use the best automatic settings.

Designer lights from an old glass accessories

The Canadian designer tat Chao and his Designer lamps are in the Centre of our today's article. This is so because he has created an incredibly elegant DIY Lampenproejkt. It is one this even made works which let appear as uninteresting and old fashioned the idea for a purchase on the market. As a result it has cemented, including its strong position on the wanted design 2014.

Thanks to the upscale touches and the eye for detail that gives the artist the Glasobejkten a new life. Thus, he helps the natural, but saves valuable works of art before unnecessary discarded. It is worth to you, for at least two reasons to stay and this work to look at. First, it is so beautiful, if you haven't seen it yet, it will certainly brighten up your day. Secondly, if a bit lately, maybe your Muse for DIY lost works, will be very strong here and easily motivated by the examples.

Most of the glass works, which fact Chao used project for the DIY, have been put to him by various people. You are so to speak from his district. In some cases they were gave it to him by people from nearby, who know his ideas. Some are easy in second hand shops or been acquired at flea markets.

Interesting is also the locality, which indeed works Chao. His Studio is located in Montreal, Quebec. Certainly the local climatic conditions and the snow have contributed ideas with lamps made of glass for this DIY.

The method, which he used for the creation of his art installation, called "Slow Upcicling". It includes the individual and very careful dealing with every single work of jasminelive art. In addition to the glass works even he needed little else as the metal structure to the columns and slopes, and meter.

The round or square floor plan and the cross vaults are also absolutely typical for the very early period of architecture of the middle ages. The most important works of the early medieval architectural style located in Constantinople - the former capital of the Byzantine Empire and today's Istanbul.

Some of the most famous castles and feudal palaces date from the middle period of this era. In the pictures below you can see wonderful example.

The buildings from this period show very solid walls. This is true both for the sacred and the bourgeois type of architecture.

Also the Middle Ages include the Gothic architecture. The scholars are unanimously agreed more or less about the reason for its creation. It sought to build higher. The pointed arch constructions, the cross vaults of various kinds and the buttresses at the side of the ships have expressed this desire for God and also the thin-looking walls have designed as elevated the silhouette of the building.

Just the Gothic style gave much of the design and architecture world. Again, you can see his great filigree forms in contemporary examples of decoration or?

What links from the middle ages can you also see to today's architecture and design?

Overwhelm architecture in the middle ages

In a series of articles our team deals with the challenge, to report succinctly on the historical styles. This is very difficult, because now thousands bands exist in literature.

But we look at the styles from the point of view of design. You should however know some whose most striking characters. So you can understand better the rules of modern architecture and design and apply.

Just when the currently super trendy eclectic style, this is of very great importance.

The early Middle Ages associated especially with Byzantium. Still, it is called Ostrom. The spiritual life of the people and their connection to God is based on this architecture.

The outer beauty remains in second place. For this reason, the simplicity and privacy very strongly advised to the fore. The internal organization of space is of particularly great importance.

The odd but interesting art from scrap by Natsumi Tomita

Let's be honest: art from scrap is always still horrible sounds for many people. We are however convinced that you should open the senses for this. Why? The answer is quite simple: the art from scrap has already brought many masterpieces to the Jasmin live world. If we close on the basis of prejudice to these, we miss very beautiful art objects and ideas for our home.

Red crocodile out of old scrap causes fascination

creative craft ideas Natsumi Tomita art crocodile

Mouse with deep views.

art from scrap Natsumi Tomita sweet mouse

A typical proof of the high value of art from scrap is NatsumiTomita. The Japanese rider is best known for his collection of sculptures "The small forest". He created the characters made of recycled materials. Most of the time it's kitchen cutlery. For this reason, there are the small animal figures largely made of metal.

art from scrap Natsumi Tomita snake

Noble deer

art from scrap Natsumi Tomita deer

Strange new things arise from old objects

art from scrap Natsumi Tomita animals old cutlery

About the things that we use every day

Art from scrap establishes a somewhat emotional connection to the objects of everyday life. This is the case at least for Natsumi Tomita. What will become of a spoon, we use ten years? You have not somehow nostalgic feelings, if it is too exhausted to continue to be used? So, it's the most people. This art gives us the opportunity to do so.

Cool Bunny from old cutlery

creative craft ideas Natsumi Tomita Bunny old cutlery

Also, the decision that just animal figures are object of art by Natsumi Tomita, is no coincidence. She should remind people that we are not alone on Earth. We meet themselves the decision to throw away our trash everywhere and then surrounded by this to live. But what can the poor animals for this? What have they won because of our progress, so that they have to pay the price for it?

Fascinating Monkey from scrap

art from scrap Natsumi Tomita monkeys

On the branch hanging mouse

art from scrap Natsumi Tomita mouse

Flamingo from old junk

creative craft ideas Natsumi Tomita Flamingo art from scrap

A real little forest looks better as "The small forest" by Natsumi Tomita in its natural state. Need can the animals survive but maybe the armor in the world people so well-thought-out and organized?

Famous Painter And Your Most Famous Masterpieces

We lift the veil of the mysterious world of art

Collectors from all over the world spend millions of dollars to some of the most famous and most valuable paintings of the greatest painters of in history to acquire. Each image reflects the belief and to bring mindset, the mentality of the corresponding artist reflected - namely by this ability, the private emotions and inner worlds so lively and spirited on the canvas, the highly talented and ingenious painter distinguishes itself. The illustrations, which encrypted messages, hidden meanings and symbols have undergone years of analysis, delights to great viewing interest in the world. Many travelers go to a certain destination, because they feel addressed by its cultural and artistic heritage. If the art of painting excites you, come with then, to discover an amazing world!

The genius - Leonardo da Vinci

leonardo famous painter genius

Let's start with the probably greatest genius of all times and his most discussed and reproduced paintings among all - Leonardo da Vinci's La Gioconda (the hilarious) from the 16th century. Various theories have been expressed over the most famous image of the world - some art researchers beyond even the thesis that allegedly depicted a merchant's wife should actually be a strange female representation of the artist himself.

On the question of how the woman has managed to so long to remain motionless and to retain her unique smile here, answer many scientists with the hypothesis that Mona Lisa suffered from a disease that has paralyzed their facial muscles. The views of French and Canadian explorers after Mona Lisa was pregnant when Leonardo has completed the picture. Today the most visited museum treasures the image and attracts every year thousands of their admirers. However, some are of the opinion that instead of the original a reproduction of the Gioconda was exhibited at the Louvre - the work itself created by da Vinci actually not in Paris but in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg could be housed?

Famous painters - Vincent van Gogh and his starry night

van gogh famous painters

Starry, starry night - one of the most famous paintings by van Gogh, which is now in the Museum of modern art in New York be seen and has inspired the composer Don McLean to 1970 to publish the song "Starry, Starry Night". Though the artist has sold only a single image in his entire life, he turned to his death in one of the most famous painters of the world and representatives of post-impressionism.

Guernica -Pablo Picasso's masterpiece

picasso famous painting genius

The world-famous painting of Guernica made Picasso on order of the Government of the Spanish Republic for the Spanish Pavilion at the Paris world exhibition in May 1937. The painter shows his own view about the air attack on the peaceful Spanish town Guernica, which was completely destroyed by the German and Italian allies of Francisco Franco during the civil war. The painting is associated with Cubism and was painted in chat and white. This painting, which touched mainly on shadow effects and colour nuances, implies the idea of art, that the image itself has a great value, is not affected by the tonality and the painting technique. Because the work reflects the chaos of the war and the violence of the war, it soon became a symbol of peace and of pacifism. Today Guernica is located at the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid.

Famous painters - Sandro Botticelli

famous painter sandro botticelli

Thanks to its political relations regulation's Botticelli, the birth of Venus by public combustion due to its pagan subject matter to save his masterpiece. The Greek goddess of love and beauty Venus was portrayed on the big screen - the hear (goddesses of the seasons) range a cloak her as she jumps from a huge conch shell out. See the painting in the Center and birthplace of the Renaissance - Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence.

Gustav Klimt - one who has painted the kiss

gustav klemt famous painter

The picture of the kiss was formed during the golden period of the artist's 1907-1908 and depicts a pair of lovers in various shades of gold. The painting is regarded as the most famous work of Klimt - some art researchers are of the opinion, this figure instead of the painter himself with his many years of companion Emilie Flöge together in the most intimate moment of kissing dar. Nowadays, the artwork is located in the Austrian Gallery Belvedere in the Belvedere Palace.

Famous painters - the cry and Edvard Munch

norwegien edvard munch painting

The well known and somewhat strange painting of by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch was made in 1893, the painter has created four versions of this image. One of them located in the National Gallery of Norway in Oslo, the second one is owned by a Norwegian millionaire and the other two are at the Munch Museum in the Norwegian capital. At least as it looked to 2004 as one of the two versions has been stolen and is until today still as lost.

Claude Monet and the water lilies

monet famous painter talent

The French Impressionist Claude Monet created a series of 250 oil paintings - the "water lilies" mentioned by him depicting the colorful colourful gardens at his home in Giverny, France. The images are scattered all over the world and are located in the largest museums in France, the United States and Japan. The largest collection of Monet (more than 150 works of art) is housed in a 19th century farmhouse - the Museum Marmottan in Paris.

Imagine all famous and remarkable paintings of great painters in a single article would be impossible in principle. Our art treasure include numerous pictures, just waiting for your visit!

Na ja.soweit is es.machen right on the road and go explore the world of art!

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